Special Education Services

Special Education Department

The right to an education is one of the most widely held values for all young people in the United States. Americans widely recognize that the success of our democracy depends on citizens who are educated, who actively participate in the political process, live independently, and are economically productive.

In the early days of the United States, education was a right of a select and privileged few. Not until the mid-nineteenth century did universal education become a reality for most children in this country. Today, all children in the United States have the right to attend school.

In all schools in this country it is a legal obligation for all children to attend school. Side by side, girls and boys, rich and poor, all races and ethnic groups, children of all skill levels and abilities come to schools every morning.

Special Education Students

While all students are unique, not all of them learn in the same way. Some students may struggle because of a learning disability. Here at P.S. 245 Magnet School of Arts and Science, students with special needs are given an education in a least restrictive environment. Our special needs students are included in all curriculum activities like any other student.

Special Education Providers

At P.S. 245 Magnet School of Arts and Science, our special education students have skilled teachers and other professionals who are adept at meeting challenges and who eagerly meet students and help to guide them in the process of education. The special education teachers and other professionals work with children with disabilities and their families to educate them in an inclusive environment.

Does My Child Need Special Education Services?

You know your child best. Because of this, your input is very important in the mapping process of your child’s education. Staff members at P.S. 245 Magnet School of Arts and Science are ready to work with you to ensure your child receives the services and support they need to succeed.