Computer Science

students at PS 245 CS4ALL Day

What is Computer Science?

Computer science can be the subject of a semester-long course, a multi-year sequence, or incorporated into other content areas, such as science, math, or art.

When you enter a computer science classroom you may find students:

  • Working together to solve problems

  • Writing code and adapting existing code to their own projects

  • Working with teachers and peers to troubleshoot code

  • Building physical prototypes as part of the design process

  • Participating in unplugged activities (that do not use technology), to introduce them to CS fundamentals

  • Using online resources to look up examples and find resources to assist with problem-solving

Our school participates in the NYC CS4ALL initiative. All of our Grade K, 1, and 4 students are currently receiving computer science education.

We teach the Computational Media Perspectives curriculum. These meaningful units are designed as project-based learning experiences and are designed to culminate in projects that can be integrated with other subject areas and/or include student-driven topic choices. CS4All staff provides professional learning and on-site support for the integrated unit curriculum that support teachers of all content areas to:

  • learn computer science concepts and practices

  • identify computer science connections to other subject areas

  • modify the computer science curriculum to fit classroom and student needs

students coding in computer science
students coding in computer science